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Don’t let your kids follow the trail of candy through the haunted woods. Past the old Jack Hill Graveyard they’ll find MONSTROVILLE, where all Halloween Candy is made!
Edward Von Ghastly lives in this haunted seaside with his mechanized sidekick, Gear. Together they navigate his home town filled with monster, zombies, witches, ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, and all the things that go bump in the night: Gruesome greasers, headless specters, monsters from outer space, pirates, and mad scientists.

Speaking of mad scientists, Edward’s father is the mad scientist Baron von Ghastly. He and his family reside in Von Ghastly Manor atop the second tallest hill overlooking Monstroville and the root beer sea. They make a creepy brand of candy for Monstroville’s beloved holiday, Halloween. No one, not even the Baron, knows how long Von Ghastly’s have been making "Ghastly Gruesome Goodies" in their factory on Spook Hill, but its a long time. And the candy is the cat’s meow! They’re the bee’s knees (Which is also one of their secret ingredients!). They’re really very good.

But some of the Baron’s experimental confections have been known to come to life and wreak havoc upon the town below! Its up to Edward and Gear to save the day!
One day Edward will be in charge of candy-making at the old factory, but until that time he must protect Monstroville from every manner of seen and unseen menaces (In a town called “Monstroville” there’s bound to be many!) and worse, mediocre candy produced by his family’s most unscrupulous rival, El Phantasmo and his wife Satana. Their ho-hum candy making facility is located in an old abandoned amusement island park and they vow to crush his number one candy making rivals, the Von Ghastly family!

Welcome to Monstroville!

Monstroville is a Flash animated cartoon for kids of all ages. We're currently working on the short pilot that will serve to help pitch a Monstroville as a series. If you dig Mad Monster Party,  & The Nightmare Before Christmas, than you'll want to see Monstroville get made!

This indie production is a labor of love, and the entire cast and crew is donating their time, and talents so that the series can see the light of day.


* Creator/Producer/Director - Von Kreep
* Art Director - Jeremiah Alcorn
* Music Composer - Gregory Hinde (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy). 
* Writers - Von Kreep, Carolyn Lawrence, and Levi Wilson
* Animation Supervisor - Kris Boban
* BG Layout/Location Supervisor - Joshua Gay
* BG Painting Supervisor - Drake Brodahl
* Character Designer - Dave MacDougall
* BG Layout/Location Artist - Aleksandar Prohaska
* Prop Designer - Darren Ward

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